7 Types of Gamblers

When you enter a casino, you can spot unique personalities celebrating and playing games on the gaming floors. These are known as gamblers who wager their money, and based on the rules of the game, they win or lose money. Every gambler has a different kind of style that they bring to the table. However, all gamblers can be identified under one of the categories that are mentioned here. Here are seven types of gamblers that you should know about.

Conventional Gamblers

Conventional Gamblers

Often the casinos welcome tourists who are seeing the casino games for the first time. These are conventional gamblers who want to want to visit casinos as a part of their bucket lists. They are usually the old-age tourists who spend their time playing slot machines and other easy-to-learn games.

Casual Social Gamblers

These players are the young and successful people who visit casinos just like they would visit a club to socialize. They have no serious intentions of winning the games, unlike the serious social gamblers. They spend money on drinks, entertainment and make new friends while they are inside the casino.

Serious Social Gamblers

These gamblers are a little more inclined towards learning the games and winning a significant amount of money from the games. They do not bet without reason like the casual social gamblers and try to keep their profits. However, they know their limits and go back to their busy lives when the weekend ends.

Escape Gamblers

These gamblers are looking for something that can bring them out of their depression. They use casino games like alcohol and drugs to escape from their life problems. They feel that winning in a game will help them feel better. But once they feel better, they can move on to their regular lives and may not even need casino games or alcohol anymore.

Personality Gamblers

You should be aware of these gamblers who are in the casino to win money by hook or crook. They cheat in the games and often get banned for getting caught. They can also put the blame of their mischiefs on others. That is why you should be careful if a stranger is trying to be over-friendly with you.

Compulsive Gamblers

These gamblers have no hope to do something in their lives other than gambling. They lose all their savings on the games and take loans in the hope of recovering their losses. Although they do not get physically harmed with their compulsion to gambling, it can have serious effects on their lives and mental health.


Compulsive Gamblers

Professional Gamblers

The pros are the role models for the aspiring gamblers who teach the discipline, money management, strategies, and patience that is required to win the games. These players are not bound by any influence and can make independent decisions. If you are looking for a career in gambling, you should look out for the pros who are playing the game that you like and learn from their strategies during the games, just like any other sport.

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